No one has the power to heal the human body but God!  Medical physicians and pharmacy aid the healing process.  The body itself was created to heal itself.  Before man sinned in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve did not, could not, get sick. After sin came into the universe the very ground was cursed and produced the elements of death and sickness. Germs, virus, pestilence   and all kinds of diseases have been increasing on the earth. The Word of God predicted this growth that would explode in “the latter days.”

Christ died on the cross to take care of the sin and sickness problem. “By His stripes we are healed.” Faith is the answer to receiving the salvation offered on the cross. Faith is the answer to recovery from sickness and disease. If the doctor prescribes medicine you have to take it by faith in order to receive the benefit. Jesus commanded, “lay your hands on the sick that they may be healed.” Time and time again we read that Jesus said to the blind, deaf, stricken, lame, “your faith has healed you.” Faith requires an action. Oil applied by the Elders is not magic. Laying hands on the sick is not magical, but obedience in faith releases the supernatural power of God and when it is received, in faith, the process of sickness and disease is reversed. A miracle is instantaneous. Healing over a period of time is just as wonderful.  Give God the glory for “He is the God who heals you.”