God loves variety! Look at the colors and shapes of birds, the black sharp-beaked raven, the bright plumes and curved beak of the cockatiel. For many years our home was graced with the flowing spread of male peacocks. Their tails shimmered with gold, greens, and blues. Now we have white-tailed deer. Spotted fawns, light caramel does, and darker brown bucks. Flowers bloom in all variety of colors and shapes.

I love Greensboro when she puts on the display of dogwood, azaleas, and gold daisies. Even the sea is filled with color. I’ve seen fish rise above the blue with displays of gold, green and purple. Blue-fish are marked with shades of blue and white, and bass are as black as a ravens wing.

Yes, God loves variety. Evidently, He loves variety in His children. When I was young and living on an island, my skin color was a golden brown, my eyes and hair sparkling black and my form bold and slim. Over the years I have changed. While still somewhat tan, my hair is thin and white, and my form soft. My love’s hair was auburn, then black and now blond. (I have an idea that at 84 years, it is really white.) Our children and grandchildren come in all varieties. One is as big and tall as my Irish grandfather, a granddaughter reminds me of my wife when we married. A daughter’s hair has turned as white as my mother’s was. We have two Spanish-American grandchildren and two African-American grandchildren.

God loves variety. When in the end, I stand before Him I don’t believe He will focus on the color of my skin or hair since “God is Love.” I don’t know the color or shape love is, but that is what I want to be, the color of love!