• To build an organized body of believers who are matured by the Word of God, sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and walk in Christian love and holiness.

• To evangelize Greensboro, North Carolina through the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit, the witness of mature, ethical, pure, sanctified members, and church programs that will attract the unconverted to Jesus.

• To build and support a ministry of world evangelism and develop churches.

A Free Pulpit in a Free Nation

I want to write a short history on religious freedom in America. The colonies were settled by groups who were led by pastors, who wanted religious freedom from kings, and popes. The pastors preached, what would be called today political messages. Two of the colonies...

HEALING, Dr. C. Paul Willis

No one has the power to heal the human body but God!  Medical physicians and pharmacy aid the healing process.  The body itself was created to heal itself.  Before man sinned in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve did not, could not, get sick. After sin came into the...