About Us

Our Vision

To Reach

Communities & Generations


To Build – To Lead – To Serve

To grow

In Christ – In Love – In Purpose

Our Mission

To go and make disciples of the people of the Triad, teaching them to keep what Jesus commanded, through small groups where we learn to give our life for our friends.

Where We Are Heading

The Church

The church exists to equip, not to entertain. 
We are to win the lost, to disciple new believers, and to equip them for the work of the ministry. 

The Ministry

That mandate has not changed. It’s still true today as it was 2000 years ago. We, the five-fold ministry are to equip, train, disciple, and to minister the power of God throughout the earth.

The Comission

From my house to every house and around the world the Gospel must be preached!

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